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If you work in the food sector, Basa food simplifies your business and opens new opportunities by offering you personalized support, the result of over 140 years of experience in the field. We offer tailor-made solutions that connect production and distribution, supply and demand, import and export, wholesalers and agents, industries and distribution channels, brokers and agri-food traders. And to do all this, we use the two most important facilitators: Quality and knowledge of the market.

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Whatever your niche, however general or specific it may be, we are at your side for every food product category and for every channel (retail, Ho.Re.Ca. and industry). In-depth knowledge of the Food & Beverage markets and agri-food chains, the ability to offer you updated data on trends, competitors' prices, upcoming trends and to introduce you to buyers and producers interested in what you offer - in addition to direct experience in the world of cured meats, milk and dairy products – make Basa Food the business partner you are looking for.

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We are Quality specialists, experts in the Italian food market, who make Made in Italy great in the world.

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We make Quality your winning ingredient

Surely one of the words most often used - and unfortunately abused - in our sector is Quality. For Basa food this is a fundamental, identity value: it is part of the DNA of our company and of the professional history of each of the partners. Therefore, we know how important it is and we know how to ensure that Quality is:

  • Certified at origin
  • Maintained throughout the supply chain
  • Conveyed to business partners and consumers in a distinctive way
  • Delivered with a packaging that enhances it
  • A tasty experience that lives up to expectations

The quality of our service

Correspondingly to the quality of your food products, our consulting services are certified by the experience, skills and professionalism of Basa food members. Whatever the modalities, we keep expectations by paying attention to your specific needs and offering you customized solutions with flexibility and speed. What sets us apart from the competition is the ability to adapt to your requests, find what you need and offer you the best solution. We convey all this through our problem-solving approach, which is fundamental both at a strategic and a technical level. All this translates into the best possible support for your specific needs. Exactly what you are looking for.

Connected to all agri-food distribution channels

Basa food for the Italian market
To those who want to launch a product in Italy, we offer comprehensive advice that considers both the tastes of Italian consumers, their preferences and the specificities of the most renowned food market in the world.
Basa food for Made in Italy
To all Italian producers and distributors who wish to export to the world, we give the necessary operational tools to enhance their products. Starting your expansion in the most receptive markets, choosing reliable international partners in line with your company and knowing how to beat the unfair competition of Italian sounding can make a fundamental difference for your export.
Basa food in the agri-food chain.
Quality in food products is the result of a long journey that begins with raw materials. For each reference, we know which farms to involve and which other companies to suggest for transformation. We have selected them in our 140 years of experience and we continue to select them, so that each semi-finished, processed, finished, packaged and distributed product complies with Basa food’s standards.
Basa food in food trading.
We support you and your business at 360 ° in commodities trading. Whether it's finished or semi-finished products, we can plan and monitor each step, facilitating contact with both your suppliers and your customers. We offer 360 ° assistance that allows you to optimize your costs and keep the quality of your raw materials high.
Basa food for the food industry
To agri-food companies we offer the best products for every recipe and for every industrial process.

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We support food companies, step by step, throughout the supply chain: from product conception to the shelves.